More inspiring sites

I have been browsing ThemeForest but many of the best responsive themes cost in the realm of $40. As I develop my understanding of WordPress this would be a small price to pay to get a site done quickly and smartly if the budget is tight.

Responsive Themes is a useful site. It is good to see what some of the premium sites offer in terms of design and develop my own site ideas in parallel. I like the Pytheas theme and may experiment with it in WordPress.

I like the simplicity of the site below. Very effective responsive theme.


Hongkiat features a great list of free responsive themes. As mentioned previously, once I’ve figured out how to master the html and css then clearly WordPress is one of the best options for any web designer at the moment.

As I get to grips with the different options available I have found it useful to revisit .net’s top responsive sites of 2012. The examples here are varied in terms of design and colour – I’ve been finding many of he web 2.0 sites bland and uninspiring – and they are also full of content, an area I need to develop to populate the Sussex Hop Hub.


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